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His Immortal Presence   
01:23am 14/08/2017
  In the middle of a literary graveyard I sit
By the shallow graves of my peers.
Only I remain now.
For years.
Filling up digital space -
For whom? It matters not.
Though in case of their returning
For the nostalgia they are yearning
I shall keep the fire burning
And some tea within the pot.
Carelessly They Crawl   
07:08am 08/06/2017
  Into the dark woods we traipse, unaware of the dangers that lurk so close to our beings. What hope of survival is there for we who are so blind, groping about before us, our noses twitching nervously at every shift of air? Careless that we may be, the fair and faux free, ignorant of the shackles that drag upon our feet we strive for a life beyond oblivion, never knowing what we seek.  
A Long Longing All Along   
11:25pm 13/03/2017
  He pushes his head slowly
In an old wheelbarrow for
A long
Way and stumbles carelessly
He carries his poor feeties
A long
Mile over his left shoulder
Winding roads and harbours with
A long
Longing he's borne forever
His pain-filled journey with
A long
Sadness he's carried with
A long
Sadness he's carried all